Eng Comp 1 argumentation/persuasion essay using any approach as a method of development, writing homework help

Argumentation Essay

Write a 750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay using any approach as a method of development.

An effective argumentative essay must have evidence to make its case; most arguments that occur in daily life happen in the heat of the moment and are more likely directed toward saving one’s own pride than toward giving clear and supportive proof to one’s claims.

Writing Approach

Knowing how to brainstorm is going to save you from writing a weak essay. Also, knowing how to support your claims with evidence from outside sources will further strengthen your essay. For that reason,
this assignment requires the use of two references (no internet sources other than reputable online journals or magazines). Those sources must be incorporated into your paper using either quotations or paraphrasing.
REMEMBER: Every sentence in which you have incorporated material from an outside source MUST end with an in-text citation.

In addition,
you will add a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Finally, your Works Cited page will be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format so that all information provided will be easy for your reader to find

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you understand how to incorporate outside sources into your paper. The Argumentative Essay requires the use of 2 sources to help support your claims. These sources must be:

  • quoted or paraphrased within the body of your essay
  • properly cited (given credit) by the use of in-text citations at the end of EVERY SENTENCE in which you have borrowed material
  • do not use a URL only; this is unacceptable in either in-text citation or Works Cited page
  • listed on the Works Cited page at the end of the paper (note: there are very specific formatting requirements for how to list your sources on the Works Cited page)

Please avoid the following over-used essay topics for any of our essays:

  • Abortion & Birth Control
  • Gun Control
  • Gay Marriage
  • Capital Punishment
  • Basic Training Military
  • Childbirth
  • Love and other emotions
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