Eng 111 ( Task 4)

Welcome to Task 4!


First, download and open the feedback you received from your instructor on your draft review in Moodle.

Second, read the feedback carefully. Ask your instructor for clarification if there is anything you do not completely understand.

Third, if your instructor has listed particular grammar issues you need to work on, do a Google search to find out how to correct the issue in your writing moving forward.

Assignment 1: Write a revision plan in two paragraphs in a Word document, following the structure of the below example. Be sure to address each point in your instructor’s feedback.

Revision Plan: Substantive Issues

1. Rewrite my thesis statement to improve it for clarity and consistency.

2. Add another support paragraph to my evaluation section.

3. Rework my paragraph structure so that each body paragraph has a topic sentence, a concluding sentence, and a transition.

Revision Plan: Stylistic Issues

1. Edit my essay for concision and word choice. Rephrase passages to avoid confusion and to be as clear and direct as possible.

2. Edit verb tense errors.

3. Correct spelling mistakes and typos.

Assignment 2: Revise the review you wrote last week.

Activity 1: After completing your revision plan, complete your first round of revisions based on that plan and your instructor’s feedback from last week.

Activity 2: After completing your discussion for the week, consider your audience and do a second round of revisions based on improving your writing for that specific audience.

Activity 3: Do a final proofread for grammar, spelling, and formatting. Submit your final review and your revision plan to Moodle below.

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