eng 111 ( task 2)

Welcome to Task 2!

Write a news article version of a fairy tale.

First, fill in the Inverted Pyramid template with the appropriate information from your selected fairy tale. This is not to be turned in, but it will help you form the roadmap for your article. Here is an example to help you determine what information will go in each block of the template:

Second, re-tell the story of your selected fairy tale in a four-paragraph news article using the inverted pyramid template as an outline for your four paragraphs.

Remember that news articles are meant to be complete yet brief, so, in contrast to what you normally expect to see, this assignment has both a minimum word count and a maximum. It should be no fewer than 150 but no more than 200 words.

Still, it must include all the key story elements and must address each the Journalist’s Questions. Some of the questions might not be specified in the story, but they must be answered in your article, even if you must make up the answer. For example, most versions of “Red Riding Hood” specify no time frame other than “once upon a time,” and many specify no location other than some unnamed woods. You must fill in such gaps from your own imagination.

Third, in a MS Word file, write your article in four paragraphs, each one based on the inverted pyramid template.

After you write your article, add to your MS Word file your thoughts on the following:

1) How did you decide what children’s story to rewrite? For example, was familiarity a factor? Length? Story line?

2) Did you have to “create” any of the answers to the journalist’s questions? For example, does your story happen in a particular time frame, or did you have to invent that part? What drove your choice(s) in inventing these pieces?

3) What other challenges did you face in turning a fairy tale into a news article?

4) How does the style of this piece of writing differ from the 5-paragraph essay style?

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