ELI491 SUNY at Binghamton Eight Lessons Becoming the Great Teacher Essay

The topic of this module discusses your approach to being a great teacher.

This is one of the optional modules. You may complete as many of these 3 modules as you would like, but you must complete at least one of modules 4, 5, or 6.

Read the article “Eight Lessons: Becoming the Great Teacher You Already Are” by Mary A. Armstrong.

* Reflect on the great teachers in your life.

* Consider the responsibility towards students that a teacher has.

* Reflect on yourself becoming a great teacher.

Then post to the Training module 6 Discussion Forum your reactions to this reading by doing the following:

1. Choose three significant quotes, each from a different area of this article (give the location of the quote so others can find it.) Explain how they are significant to you as concepts that a model teacher would have.

2. Describe how you will incorporate the ideas in this article into your own “teaching approach.”

After most people have posted, read through your peers’ posts and comment in a meaningful way on at least 2.

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