ece315 intro response v.r. try to make a personal connection with something your peers shared, psychology homework help

In your response, try to make a personal connection with something your peers shared. For many of you, this is the beginning of your academic journey in the ECE Program; building relationships early in your journey will help you establish a peer support system. Making connections to your peers while also having access to relevant ECE content are just a couple of the advantages of the Ashford Early Childhood Education Club. Though replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and community building with peers, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have posted for you. Continuing to engage with peers and the instructor throughout the week beyond the basic requirement will further the conversations and provide opportunities for you to network with and get to know your instructor and peers for more optimal engagement in the coming weeks!

I live in Columbus Ohio. I started to go back to school when fell in love with teaching children at HSD day care right out of high school. I worked there for 5 year and then my nanny got sick. So i started going to school and taking care of nanny at the same time.

Your professional goals: my goals is to open my own family Learning Center that is open to everyone.

Your strengths when communicating with others: I think my strengths are that I’m easy to talk to. I listen before I speak. I always ask questions to make sure I got things right. And are always take in consideration on how the other person is feeling or what their mood is as we talk so I don’t take things so personally.

One favorite language or literacy experience that you will use in your classroom: I really don’t have a favorite language earlier that I was exposed to that I can use in this class I’m not really good at reading speaking foreign languages I think it’s because of my dyslexia I have trouble with these activities I work on it everyday but it is a lifelong fight.

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