DSL200 Lynn University Fashion and Retail Related to Science

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My major regards to this research paper is Fashion and Retail.
For your research paper you will form a thesis for the theme: How science applies to my major (FASHION AND RETAIL). For this paper you will conduct research into the question and will provide empirical evidence to support your thesis statement. This empirical evidence may take the form of studies relevant to your major that used the scientific method, interviews with professors in your major, or explanations of examples scientific research conducted by companies and organizations you one day may work for, or explanations of examples of technologies developed by science and now utilized by companies and organizations you may one day work for. Paper requirements are as follows:

 APA format
 4-5 pages in length (at least 4 full pages, but not more than 5).
 Contain at least 6 references cited in-text, including 2 peer-reviewed papers
 Be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS, no direct quotes excepting an interview you conduct
 Written in third person (i.e. no I ,we, you)Your research paper should contain a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.Introduction- Generally introduce science and the major you will be discussing. You may wish to cite your iBook and the Lynn University Academic Catalog here. End this paragraph with your thesis statement. Remember your thesis statement argues why science applies to a particular major and will be more fully explored in the body.Thesis Example 1: Science applies to education, because the scientific method is often used to test new pedagogy and technology developed from science is used in the classroom.Thesis Example 2: Science applies to criminal justice, because evidence based policing policy is used by police departments and criminology uses theories to explain criminal behavior.Body- Each of your body paragraphs will serve to support your thesis. Each paragraph within the body must start with a topic sentence that introduces the content of that paragraph.Body Example 1: One such study conducted on pedagogy was written by Luther, et al., 2016 in which they tested the use of gameplay to learn biology concepts….Body Example 2: Social learning theory is one theory of criminology which argues people develop motivation to commit crime and the skills to commit crime through the people they associate with. This theory was supported by the study ….Conclusion- Summarize your thesis, and he main points of your body. End with a sentence on how science has broader implications beyond the natural sciences.

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