Drexel University Issues in Aging and Longevity Paper

The population of the United States is made up of people from many different cultures, races and ethnic groups, so it is very important that nurses provide culturally competent health care. Review the case study about Mr. Wong
and answer the following questions:

Discuss how Ms. Faye applied the knowledge she had learned about Mr. Wong’s culture and health care beliefs to provide individualized nursing care. How did Ms. Faye’s new approach to Mr. Wong make him feel? Discuss a personal or professional experience when you learned more about another’s culture in order to improve your interaction.

Choose a different cultural or ethnic group and learn more about this group’s health care beliefs, values and culture. How does this group view illness, how are health care decisions made, what is the meaning of food during illness, who cares for the sick or elderly? Discuss how this case study situation would change if Mr. Wong was a member of the group you chose. How would the nursing care change to convey acceptance of the patient’s health care beliefs?
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