dream job, what you are excited about doing, and what makes you happy.

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Please take some time to think about your dream job, what you are
excited about doing, and what makes you happy.

This is not a permanent choice, this is a homework type assignment.

But it helps engage your thought process on some of the more difficult questions in life.

A different approach to this question would to be to think about what would make it about your nightmare job, where you talk about what you currently don’t want to do for the rest of your life.

After you figure out what you don’t want to do, try to come up with something that allows you to avoid the things that you dislike the most.

We will be working towards your goal of what you want or at least would not hate for the rest of the semester for every class that you have me.

Please keep track of the google searches you do, the people you talk to, and maintain documentation of what you are doing.
• (10 points) Describe your dream job, career, and the area you wish to spend your time in.
• (10 points) Explain why you feel this area is the best for you
• (10 points) Explain why other areas are not as good for you or not interesting for you.

• (10 points) Explain the part of the work you are most excited about
• (10 points) Cite the websites, conversations, and other resources you have used to make your selections.


I wrote what i’m doing and what my gold

I need fix grammar, sentences and if i miss steps

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