Does Dubai provide a good life for immigrants who work in that country?


I have a 10 page final paper. I have attached 3 files one is an example of table of contents and the other 2 is instructions on how to write the paper. I want you to do exactly copy and paste the contents on my paper. Also, in the first page you should only write the title as SUMMERY and do the the summary. The second paragraph is titled ISSUE ( What is going on in Dubai about the issue). Third title is Background Information ( how and when did this start). Forth title is Argument ( Is it true in this situation). The fife paragraph is Argument Against( is it falls of this situation). the sixth title is Contradictions. the seventh paragraph is Policy Recommendations. the eight paragraph is Personal Opinion. the last paragraph is the References.

Please Read the Instruction files very Carefully and follow the instruction.

Please follow APA.

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