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In this course, you will produce a series of Blog entries to be shared with your colleagues. Blogs help facilitate a meaningful and more informal classroom environment—one that fosters dialogue, interaction, and the dissemination of ideas in a functional platform (Kuo et al., 2017). Blogs also promote community-building and a collaborative learning approach through the sharing of ideas. Although this blog may function somewhat like a discussion, itâ€s aim is to be more open-ended and informal in terms of sharing perspectives, thoughts, and experiences on a given prompt. For this first Blog, you will reflect on your academic and professional experiences and write about strategies you have employed, or would like to employ, to help empower you to succeed as an online doctoral student.To prepare:·        Review the Writing Strategies Resources found in this weekâ€s Learning Resources.·     Â·        Reflect on any strategies you have used (academically and/or professionally) in the past that empowered you in one or more of the following areas: planning, time management, studying, or effective technology use, and consider how these strategies may help ensure your success in your program of study and in completing your DNP degree requirements.·        Consider any strategies you have not yet used and why. Consider how these strategies may be beneficial to you, given your personal strengths and areas in need of improvement. Be specific and provide examples.Note: Be sure to review the grading rubric for this Blog so you fully understand what is expected of you. To access the rubric, click on the three dots that appear at the upper right of the Blog assignment page, then choose, \”Show Rubric.\” 

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