discussion responses

he ideal of protection for all people was not a new concept. Throughout history society has integrated forms of overseeing collective rules and regulations for the people they represent. Governing agencies from federal, state and local found ways to enforce the laws established by the nation, apprehend criminals, manage the peace, provide local services and ultimately their presence within the community would deter criminal behavior. A sad moment in our history was September 11, 2001. The dynamics of our protection was challenged and jeopardized. The nation needed more resources and quick to watch and listen to what could happen on our soil. Our federal, state and local police became experts all the sudden in fighting terrorism. The truth was our nation thought it was invincible and could not happen with all our technology. However the resources we needed to utilize are all around us daily. These resources start with experienced men and women who are trainable in an area that continues to protect its citizens.

According to Schmalleger (2017), “In 2005, the US Department of Justice embraced the concept of intelligence-led policing (ILP) as an important technique… (p. 184-185).” This technique would allow for gathering of information so police can make informed and “tactical” decisions. The war was not over in another Country but had found ways to infiltrate our cities and homes. The intelligence must be gathered in many forms by many organizations, so sharing is vital. In the article (2016), A reality check on a cyber force, “Law enforcement currently finds itself in the midst of a philosophical shift in practice (pp. 333).” On paper the idea of gathering information from multiple sources and sharing seems simplistic; however, procedures must be established that do not violate the current laws. A good example is the Patriot Act of 2001 that was put into place to allow current investigations to expand on current laws that were already established but not always utilized like a wire taping on phones with key words. Technology allowed for more investigative measures to be taken. Police needed guidance and training on how to use this information and what circumstances does one act on the information and how. Unclear guidance creates a dilemma when the intentions are good but the foundations of training and usefulness are uncertain. A resolution formed called Fusion Centers. These centers came about to integrate the information into a useful way for police agencies to collaborate and enforce.

There are many challenges to the Fusion Centers and policing the people by the assumption of suspicion can be one of them. Privacy is one of the main concerns but as a citizen if it protects me from the enemy then use the resources available. As a Christian I am open to follow the rules of the land, honor my heavenly Father and know that I choose to be the child of God who represents Him. Jeremiah 1:19 states, “And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.”

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