Discussion Questions, psychology homework help

Please answer each question “separately” in at least 250 words each. The answers must be in APA format and include at least one different reference source for each. Please read each question “carefully” and make sure that your answer reflects “exactly” what’s being asked in the questions.

1. Kozma et al. present a contemporary mathematical model of human behavior under some environmental constraints. How well does their model fit the human performance data? Is their solution algorithm blind overall to error reduction between input and associated output states or is it based on propagation or another Hebbian learning model?

2. A person sees a barely visible human as he/she is approaching an isolated ranch house at twilight. How does the nature of declarative memory and the possibility of its use in parallel distributed processing (PDP) regarding formation affect the perception of this complex and potentially threatening scene. How can PDP augment memory in evaluating the potential risk in this and other potentially threatening situations?

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