Discussion Post : Module 1

Module 1 Discussion

Discussion Documents

For this discussion, locate an article that uses quantitative data in one of the following journals: American Political Science Review, The Journal of Politics, or the American Journal of Political Science. Make sure you choose one that contains quantitative data so that you can describe the variables you find in it.

Instructions for this Discussion

For this discussion, review the article you have chosen. Choose 4 variables from the article.

Write a 500-800 word summary of the article and include the following:

  • A description of what the each of the variables measures
  • A description and explanation of the levels of measurement for each variable (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  • Explain how the authors use the variables.

You will also need to post a response to at least one of your classmates’ posts. Note any disagreement you have on the level of measurement of the variables, but most importantly, describe how you would use the data to produce positive social changes.

Also, make sure that your response(s) are substantial and consist of at least 100 words.

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