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Unit 2 Discussion:
The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening was a spiritual revival movement that occurred in the Atlantic world during the mid-18th century. In fact, the evangelical movement of today owes much to the developments that took place over two centuries ago. The Awakening polarized America between those who supported it (New Lights) and those who were against it (Old Lights). In this discussion, you will explore both sides of the Great Awakening and its impact on American society.

Required Readings

Read the following sources for this discussion:

1. Chapter 4 in OpenStax U.S. History, pages 110-114
2. The First Great Awakening
3. Jonathan Edwards on the Great Awakening
4. Charles Chauncy against Revivalism

For this assignment, the class will discuss the perspectives for and against the Great Awakening. You will write a minimum of two paragraphs discussing the positions assigned to your last name (see below). A good paragraph should include about 6 sentences minimum – a 1-2 sentence paragraph is never enough. Be comprehensive in your coverage of the assigned readings.

Feel free to write in character as a person from the 18th century (ex: if you are against the Great Awakening, be an Old Light minister or someone else speaking out against the Awakening). Use examples from the various readings to support your analysis.

1B. Against the Great Awakening
From your character’s perspective, why is the Awakening such a problem, and who are the kinds of people involved with the Awakening? What specific ministers are you critical of, and why? Your answer should reflect the main points of Chapter 4, the article The First Great Awakening, AND the reading by Charles Chauncy.

For your particular reading, be sure to answer all of the above questions relevant to your reading. Your answer should reflect the main points from the reading, including extensive use of the primary source (Edwards/Chauncey). Be sure to use examples to support your main points. Proof your answer before submitting it as errors in grammar and spelling will lead to a deduction in points. Use quotations when using the exact wording from the reading. Most of your answer should be in your own words and be sure to cite any quotes used in your answer. Use only the above sources for this assignment: DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. If you do, you will receive a “0” for the assignment.

2. RESPONSE (Everyone MUST post at least one response)
Re-read the section in the OpenStax textbook on the Great Awakening and Enlightenment. After reflecting on what you have learned, choose any posting written by another student and discuss which event you think would have had more of an impact on you if you had been living in the 18th century. Do you think the Great Awakening or Enlightenment was more influential? Why? In your response reflection, be sure to make connections to the readings that support your point of view. Your response should be one paragraph in length (6-7 sentences).

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