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I think that Tesla was the greater inventor between Thomas Edison and himself. He was able to improve on Thomas Edison’s process of supplying electricity to consumers and was able to save resources at the same time. Tesla invented a lot of inventions based on the alternating current that he created, and was able to eventually create a dam at Niagara falls that powered the city of buffalo. Also, he was chosen to power the world’s Columbian expedition in Chicago in 1893. This process and the feats that he achieved proved that he was the better inventor. However, because of the media campaign that Thomas Edison waged against Tesla, he convinced many people that the alternating current was not safe. I think that this entire process proves that Tesla was the better inventor because rather than creating a media campaign to deface someone else’s work, he let the improved skill and technology do the work for him (Biography.com, n.d.).

Biography.com. (n.d.). Nikola Tesla. Retrieved from http://www.biography.com/people/nikola-tesla-9504443.

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It’s hard to compare the two but if I had to go with someone it would have to be Thomas Edison who was Nikola Tesla’s former boss. The biggest reason would have to be the amount of patents one had; Thomas had 1,093 and Tesla had less than 300. The light bulb, the phonograph and moving pictures are touted as Edison’s most important inventions. Tesla had his alternating-current motor and hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls, a first-of-its-kind power plant, truly electrified the world. Tesla also spent years working on a system designed to wirelessly transmit voices, images and moving pictures, making him a futurist, and the true father of radio, telephone, cell phones and television. (Ghose, T. 2014, July 10). The two inventors are some of the few who still make a major impact today’s world with their inventions. There will always be a major debate on the two of who was the better inventor but it all comes down to the facts of who made more of an impact on the world.

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