Discussion for Module 1/2

Each question should be separate and at least 500 words.

Question 1: 

How and what needs to be done on your end to ensure you reach your goals?

Module 2 Discussion Part 1 & 2

I am passionate about ensuring that barriers to healthy behaviors are eliminated or removed. This will assist in reducing the number of cases of illnesses reported. This will actually translate to reduction in mortality rates. This paper therefore seeks to describe actions which may result in overcoming factors which create barriers to healthy behaviors. 

There are a number of my future professional roles which I believe will be significant in overcoming societal, systemic, or structural influences (force) that create barriers to healthy behaviors. As a family health nurse, I will play important roles in educate several families on how to overcome barriers to healthy behaviors. I will ensure that I aligning my role with my passion of ensuring that individuals are healthy. I will achieve my future roles by undertaking the actions described below.

I will urge several families to prioritize time to initiate changes for new healthier habits. As a family health nurse I will offer professional guidance to families and help them to identify areas which they need to work on and create time in their life for significant changes. I will also urge families to shun old unhealthy eating habits. For example I will tell them to avoid chunk foods such as chips. I will also suggest to them ways in which they can decrease anxiety associated with reaping away of unhealthy behaviors. This will enable them to develop a stress resistant approach to creating healthier habits that endure. I will also urge the families to accept the results that will actually improve their overall health and well-being. I will also offer professional guidance to individuals so as to identify health pathways which may be most appropriate for them. Finally, I will create a professional support network that will be dedicated to ensuring success in achievement of healthy behaviors.

Question 2: 

How does age, genetics and culture come into play when we are planning a public health and health program? What planning needs to happen? Be sure to include concrete examples.

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