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Two discussions 250 words each.

The first one:

What role, if any, does casino gambling have on improving the lives of Native Americans? Is it really a solution to the problems relating to poverty and unemployment that is characteristic of Native Americans?

In answering this question, do some outside research about casinos on native land. For instance, look for information regarding how many reservations actually have a casino, how much revenue casinos bring in, how much of the revenue goes to the people of the Native American community, etc.? You need to include at least 2 different outside sources in your post. Make sure you provide links to your resources.

The 2nd one:

watch the Ted Talk video in our module for this week titled, “Native American Prisoners of War.”

Tell us a little about the speaker in this video, Aaron Huey. Who is he and what makes him an “expert” on this particular Native American tribe?

Why does he refer to Native Americans as “Prisoners of War?”

What did you learn from Mr. Huey?

What did you find the most shocking?

Does this video give you hope for the American people, why or why not?

Why do you believe that some Native Americans are living like the ones in this video? What can be done to improve their lives?

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