Direct Research, engineering homework help

Special Problem and Direct Research/Study

Topic: Production Planning & Control.
The topic must be studied deeply.

A 30-page paper, double-spaced 12-font with a minimum of 10 references.
You must include at least 6 (six) figures and/or tables in the research. Each figure / table must have an appropriate caption.
You should use library resources, technical books, and/or authentic web-based resources to support your study.
The thoroughness and technical merit of the content will be the main considerations for evaluation.
The research should be written using the APA style. It must reflect a deep study for the topic. To learn about APA formats please go through the following link:

I will upload a sample of a Direct Research so that you can get a clear idea about the structure.
Note: all the work must be written in APA format, including references.

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