Developing a Comprehensive Analytical Plan

The purpose of this paper is to expand on your work submitted for your Midterm (attached ) to develop a comprehensive analytic plan for your identified topic.
A successful paper will include the following:( Please use subtitle for those)
– The scope and context associated with your topic
– Description what is unknown about this problem that can potentially be answered by applying analytics to EHR data.
– A hypothesis of what value can be gained by addressing this problem
– 1 or 2 key health care players involved in this area.
– List of all data variables that would be necessary to address your identified problem
– A query for each data variable
– A structured analytic plan
– Description of how the information will be used
– A comprehensive list of limitations and caveats
Format Requirements:
Your name should appear on each page (upper right corner).
Please number each page (lower right corner).
8-10 pages in length, double-spaced, with normal font and margins.
You may include as many references as needed, and references will not be counted in the page limit.
Please find the midterm work that’s was submitted and expand the paper based on the information that given above.

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