Details: This is a collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

This is a collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.
The purpose of this assignment is to define resource responsibilities, develop a model for information system assessment, and identify corrective actions for information systems (IS) problems.
Read Case Study IV-1 titled, “The Clarion School for Boys, Inc. – Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments,” located in the textbook. Analyze the case study by examining the interrelationship between business planning and information systems planning, management expectations and challenges, and evaluating a make-or-buy decision using cost vs. benefit analysis to meet product requirements. Consider the importance of rigorous IS planning, performance assessment, business planning, and strategic information planning as part of your analysis. Include discussion of management challenges that may occur when an organization lacks qualified Is leadership.
In a executive summary, discuss the following.
Part 1: Provide an assessment of Clarion's current information systems including:
1. The employees understanding of the information systems
2. Software that meets or does not meet the individual departmental needs
3. Operational processes (PC availability, activity schedules, system maintenance, etc.)
4. Impact of the increase in staff on the information system 5. A list of three to eight information systems pros
Part 2: Develop a detailed outline of a long-range information systems plan for Clarion including:
1. Precise objectives
2. Analysis of current and future environment (business, information technology, and users)
3. Proposed information technology (hardware, applications, personnel, network, etc.)
4. Resource and cost requirements
5. Training
Part 3: Review the proposal of LTM Consultants and provide a brief recommendation on whether or not Clarion should accept it along with justification for why.
Part 4: Describe three key projects that Clarion should engage in immediately and include:
1. Priorities for each project
2. Explanation of the political, legal, and ethical impacts for implementing each project
3. Discussion of the critical success factors, competitive advantages, and strategic vision
Part 5: Explain what John Young should do and discuss whether he will be able to fulfill the requests of McHardy.

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