design of machine elements

1)A hollow shaft of 0.5 m outside diameter and 0.3 m inside diameter is used to
drive a propeller of a marine vessel. The shaft is mounted on bearings 6 metre apart and it transmits
5600 kW at 150 r.p.m. The maximum axial propeller thrust is 500 kN and the shaft weighs 70 kN.
Determine :
1. The maximum shear stress developed in the shaft, and
2. The angular twist between the bearings.
A hollow steel shaft is to transmit 20 kW at 300 r.p.m. The loading is such that
2)the maximum bending moment is 1000 N-m, the maximum torsional moment is 500 N-m and axial
compressive load is 15 kN. The shaft is supported on rigid bearings 1.5 m apart. The maximum
permissible shear stress on the shaft is 40 MPa. The inside diameter is 0.8 times the outside diameter.
The load is cyclic in nature and applied with shocks. The values for the shock factors are Kt = 1.5 and
Km = 1.6.
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