describe the various methods of diagnosing this brain tumor

Case Study: Charles Whitman was an American engineering student and retired U.S. Marine, who killed seventeen people and wounded thirty-two others in a mass-shooting rampage in and around the Tower of the University of Texas in Austin on the afternoon of August 1, 1966. Three people were shot and killed inside the university’s tower and eleven others were murdered after Whitman fired at random from the 28th-floor observation deck of the Main Building.Whitman himself, in his suicide notes, requested an autopsy because he felt that there was something in his brain. The Medical Examiner discovered a tumor, which he labeled as an Astrocytoma.
1. Had Whitman sought medical help prior to his rampage, describe the various methods of diagnosing this brain tumor if it occurred today. Incorporate each of the appropriate methods of research mentioned in Chapter 5.
2. The tumor was located in the Thalamus and part of the limbic system. Why might this tumor cause a rampage of anger and violence? Think of the function of the lobes of the brain.
3. Discuss a few of the research methods used for understanding the nervous system and the brain.
4. Discuss and comment on each of the posted videos.
Textbook needed: “Biopsychology 9/E – John Pinel”
Please use a total of three sources (The textbook and two other sources).

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