describe the baseline data/information you gathered, explain

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Action Research Project: Planning StageFor this assignment, you will continue to develop your action research plan by identifying and analyzing baseline data to inform the need for your study.Background InformationThe next step in developing your action research project is to collect preliminary background data to inform your inquiry. The planning stage slide for the u10a1 assignment requires that you describe what baseline data/information you collected and what you found via this initial stage in the planning process for your action research inquiry. As well, you will want to do an analysis of peer-reviewed research published in the last five years to determine what findings have yielded with regard to your query. Chapter 3 of your Mertler textbook provides insight into how to analyze research to inform your topic.Referring back to the example used in your first assignment (identifying root causes for disruptive and disrespectful classroom behavior and testing a strategy for improving student engagement in the class), we may elect to gather some preliminary data regarding what exactly students are doing that is creating the disruption, and when these disruptions are occurring. We may then decide to observe and chart student behavior for three days to pinpoint when and why these disruptions are occurring. We may also elect to use a digital survey tool to poll students to determine their personal interests, as well as their past experiences with subject matter, and what they most enjoy doing in the class. We might also look up peer-reviewed research studies to determine some possible root causes for disruptive classroom behavior, and to identify strategies that have been found to be effective for engaging students and stopping disruption of the class. It is important to compare findings from research articles published within the last five years to determine if they are in alignment or if tensions exist among findings. If we determine that findings are not revealing the same thing, then much more study on that topic is warranted. If you find that 15 or more articles have yielded the same findings, then you can generally assume those findings are conclusive.InstructionsIn a 2–3 page paper, describe the baseline data/information you gathered, explain your findings, and describe at least 5 peer-reviewed research articles you used and what findings from those articles revealed regarding your inquiry. Questions you can ask and answer include:Is there a need for study?Is there a new avenue/route to take with your proposal?Is there a new problem to study?Within your paper, you should cite and discuss at least one source to support the baseline data, and at least 5 empirical articles.The guiding questions listed in the planning stage, Steps 1–4, in the interactive diagram can assist your development of this project phase.My topic is over implementing learning centers within the classroom to differentiate instruction for various students, especially students that are in the 11th grade taking Advanced Algebra.

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