depiction of Aziz’s Indian community, English homework help

This forum has three sections, and the questions are based on A Passage To India and the assigned “selections from Gandhi” ( you can googlethis week. Please respond all three sections; failure to respond to any one section will result in a lower grade for the discussion.

Read “Selections from “Mahatma Gandhi.” it can be googled

  1. Compare Forster’s depiction of the English with his depiction of Aziz’s Indian community. How would Gandhi view the differences in Forster’s portrayals? Would Gandhi see any biases? Did you see any biases?
  2. After viewing the film version of Forster’s work, do you think that Forster would have agreed with Gandhi’s call for nonviolent resistance and Indian independence? Why?
  3. What is Forster’s primary critique of the British in India? Does Gandhi share a similar critique in his writings?

Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading. Please note your post should equally answer both sections. Note that I will be checking to see if you actually completed the readings and used critical thinking within your discussion.

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