demonstrate an understanding of quality and safety in

DescriptionFor this ESSAY, you are required to:Identify and explain the aims and core business of Australian health institutions from the perspective of both the organisation and the nursing sector within the organisationIdentify and explain Process data and Outcome data in the context of quality and safety in health careUse one (1) example (Medication Safety) of a clinical care activity for which process and outcome data is collected to:Discuss the clinical care activity in relation to quality and safety,Critically analyse scholarly literature and relevant resources to discuss the process and outcome data collected about that activity,-Ensure that you use scholarly literature (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and text books) that has been published within the last 7 years.-Please refer to the Assignment Writing and Referencing Guidelines on the course site for information, on formatting, (including line spacing, font, page number and title page information) as well as referencing

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