Define the term political parties in the United States, political science homework help

Directions: You will answer all FOUR of the following questions。It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer. My expectation is that EACH question is approximately TWO pages in length. Illustrate your responses with substantive examples where appropriate. Make certain to number each of your answers as the questions are numbered below. Each question is worth 50 points. Make sure to hand in the Final Exam as ONE document to Canvas.

1) Define the term political parties in the United States. What are THREE functions political parties play in the USA? Next, list and explain THREE reasons why it is so difficult for third parties to rise in American presidential politics. Lastly, what is ONE concrete suggestion you would recommend to make third parties become more powerful in the American political arena.

2) Define the term interest groups. What are FOUR activities that interest groups use to advocate for their positions with elected officials? Lastly, which of these FOUR positions are you most likely to participate in, please EXPLAIN?

3) Many political scientists argue that the media is the fourth branch of government. List and explain 3 reasons for such as assertion. In your response, make sure to explain the THREE roles the media plays in the American political process.

4) Define the term civil liberties and civil rights. Next, what is one similarity and one difference between civil liberties and civil rights. Then, what are the 3 constitutional guarantees to Americans found in the 14th amendment. Lastly, what are FOUR limits to freedom of speech. Please list, explain and give an example of EACH limitation to our freedom of speech.

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