Data Visualization Challenge

For this dataset, the Director of Rehabilitation Medicicne wants to know how well patients’ functional status predicts outcomes (i.e. discharge location) and any variation between two units of the hospital. The Acute Measure for Post Acute Care (AM-PAC) 6-clicks is an assessment of hospitalized patients’ mobility and self-care abilities.Greater severity of impairment is associated with a higher AM-PAC percentage, which is defined in the dataset as “SixClicksPct.” Each row represents one patient encounter.
For this assignment, you should produce one figure that conveys the relationship between the AM-PAC 6-clicks percentage and the discharge location and show any variation by Location within the two floors of the hospital hospital. The goal should be to determine visually if the AM-PAC score is associated with discharge location and if there are differences between the two floors.
As I have suggested before, ask friends/acquaintences/strangers if they can interpret your figure without indepth explanation – this is a critical step in constructing a meaninful figure. Please find the attached of the dataset The post Data Visualization Challenge first appeared on Nursing School Essays.

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