D2- Please select and respond to 2 of the 4 prompts below in paragraph form. Additionally read all of the other posts, and comment on 2 (or more).

Please select two of the following prompts and reply

Chapter 3

  1. Have the patterns of disease in the United States changed since the turn of the twentieth century? Considering the current trends, explain the importance of lifestyle rebalancing.
  2. How effective are educational appeals in changing attitudes toward health behaviors?
  3. Charles is a college student who smokes cigarettes. Use the health belief model to explain why Charles continues to smoke even though he is aware of the Surgeon General’s warning about the relationship between cigarettes and cancer, or heart disease.
  4. How is the Internet useful in contributing toward health interventions? Find an Internet health campaign and explain its pros and cons.

Each of your responses should incorporate course content assigned during that particular week and should be approximately 250 words

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