CSU American Romanticism Is an Era of Literature that Focuses on Nature Discussion


American Romanticism is an era of Literature that focuses on nature, emotion, fantasy, and imagination. The Romantic movement rejected the Age Of Reason movement where it focused on science, practicality and reasoning. ‘The Soul selects her own Society’ by “Emily Dickinson shows many characteristics of Romanticism. This poem is overall about the choice of the soul. The first line reads, “THE SOUL selects her own society,”. The word soul is a characteristic of Romanticism. She also uses words such as ‘divine’ which is correlated to Romanticism. The word ‘unmoved’ is used twice to describe an emotion which is another characteristic of Romanticism. In the last stanza it states, “Then close the valves of her attention Like stone.” This meant that her choice was made and there will not be a change. It is like the familiar phrase “set in stone”. The word stone is also a characteristic of Romanticism because of its correlation with nature. Reading this text as Romantic will definitely help the reader be able to analyze exactly what Dickinson was trying to express with idea of choice and by understanding what Romanticism is truly about will help the reader relate to the emotion within the poem.

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