Crminal justice and math question

Please attach each part in a seperate file

Part 1A

Read the attached article and then use this space to respond to the question at the top of the page. (attached below)

Part 2A

  1. Solve the system of equations in the image below, explain your reasoning for how you got your answer. Show your work, even if it’s guess and check. The equations are written below the image if you are using a screen reader.
  2. Image result for math + puzzleThis is a set of four equations and four unknowns. A+B = 10, A+C = 11, B + D=4 and C-D=3.
  3. Find a math problem like this out there on the internet. I see one at least once a month on my facebook newsfeed. Share it here with the class, but don’t share the solution.

Part 3A

On July 30, 2017, 27 year old Queens, New York resident Joel Paul was at home with his mother, little sister and 16 year old brother. The brother heard a noise on the front porch, and expecting a pizza delivery he opened the front door. At the door was Shamel Shauvo a 26 year old man who was attempting to break into the house. What was not know to Joel Paul and his family was that Shauvo was wanted for an attempted murder in the state of Maryland 10 days earlier.

Shauvo forced his way into the house and started fighting with the 16 year old brother. His mother called to Joel for help who responded with a baseball bat and knife. As the fight continued Shauvo was stabbed and beaten with the bat. The fight left the interior of the home to the front porch with Shauvo being hit and stabbed there. Shauvo later died at a hospital from his injuries. Police investigated and determined the killing had been justifiable under the self-defense rule known as “Castle Rule”.

Several months later Queens District Attorney Richard Brown charged Joel Paul with voluntary manslaughter. The D.A indicated Joel Paul with intent caused the death of Shamel Shavuo without just cause. The D.A claimed under the “Retreat Doctrine” Joel Paul had a duty to retreat, and by pursuing the home intruder onto the porch eliminated deadly force for self-defense and thus the killing was not justified.

Discuss the following questions:

1. Do you agree with the District Attorneys decision? Why or why not?

2. If you were a jury member and a justification defense (protecting family / Castle rule) was used and the prosecution countered with the “Retreat Doctrine” how would you determine if deadly force was justified?

Part 3B

Answer the questions below from the textbook or/and other sources. Ensure to utilizing the formatting examples provided. Your responses to these questions should be typed, 12 point font, with your response for each question no longer than 150 words in length. Double-spacing requirements do apply, and you must cite any sources used in your responses.

Go to Section 5.6 of the textbook, scroll down to the section titled “You Be the Defense Attorney”. Read the four cases presented and respond in each case to the following question; 1). You are a well-known private defense attorney with a perfect record. Read the prompt, review the case, and then decide whether you would accept or reject it if you want to maintain your level of success and explain why.( I will provide a photo of said cases later today)

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