CRJ570 AIU Police Patrols Measurements Paper

In the 1968 case of Terry v. Ohio (392 U.S. 1), the Supreme Court wrote of a police officer, “he testified that he had been a policeman for 39 years and a detective for 35, and that he had been assigned to patrol this vicinity of downtown Cleveland for shoplifters and pickpockets for 30 years. He explained that he had developed routine habits of observation over the years, and that he would “stand and watch people or walk and watch people at many intervals of the day.” He added: “Now, in this case, when I looked over, they didn’t look right to me at the time.”

Write a paper on reliability in the context of police patrol and focus on the following statement: “Reliability does not ensure accuracy any more than precision does.

Your paper must be concise, well written, and should meet the following:

  • Length: 2-3 pages (not counting cover and references pages).
  • To support your statements, cite a minimum of 2 scholarly journal sources that are not provided or linked in this course.
  • Formatted in compliance with APA
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