Criminal Punishment, sociology homework help

Please answer TWO of the following questions.

Please limit your answers to 800 words for each questions. Do not copy directly from the text; whenever possible use your own words.

The sources could be vary, but I’ll attach my readings later on in case of your choice.

The topics are followings:

1. Discuss at least two arguments for and two against capital punishment. Identify if each argument is rooted in moral or utilitarian principles. With these arguments in mind, does capital punishment have a place in our current society?

2. How are juvenile offenders treated differently from adult offenders? Consider both the court system and punishment/treatment in your answer. Should some juvenile offenders be treated as adults? Explain your answer.

3. Prison overcrowding is a significant issue facing California. What strategies would you suggest to address this issue? Do you think changes made by the realignment bills recently signed into law will effectively address overcrowding while maintaining public safety? Fully explain your answer.

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