Course Project Milestone, health and medicine homework help

Course Project Milestone 3 is due this week.

The Course Project Milestone 3 Guidelines document (which includes instructions on how to complete the assignment as well as a grading rubric) can be found in Course Resources

Your Name: __Anebere Immaculate___

Assignment Criteria

Note: See Milestone 2 Rubric for details required in each area.

Scheduled Date and Location of Interview
30 points

Date for interview (must be after Friday of Week 4): Date of the interview will be May 27th 2017
Location: pavilion 6 staff lounge

Interview Recording Method
20 points

I will use written notes method.

Milestone 3 Submission Method
20 points

Typed on the Milestone 3 Template

Questions to Be Asked:
Remember that all questions must be open ended and clearly related to this nurse.
Follow-up questions must be clearly related to the associated primary question.

Primary Questions
30 points
(type Question #3 below)

Follow-Up Questions for Each Primary Question
80 points
(type questions below; see guidelines and announcements for details)

1: What are some of your favorite memories of nursing school?

a. What were your favorite classes in nursing school? Why?

b. How did classmates or instructors impact your development as a nurse?

2: How have you improved the quality of nursing practice during your career?

a. What are the major changes that have happened in the profession during your career?

b. What personal or professional achievements would you like to share?

3: What areas of the nursing profession did you pursue? And why?

a. What prompted your decision of pursuing those areas?

b. What other areas do you intend to pursue in nursing? Why?

4: How have you contributed to the profession of nursing and to nursing history?

a. Why has work in that area become your passion?

b. What professional objectives have you met this far?

5: Who is your favorite nurse from nursing history?

a. What are the best practices of a good nurse?

b. How has that nurse influenced your own nursing practice?

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