Course is Crisis Management – Leading in the New Strategy

Course is Crisis Management – Leading in the New Strategy Landscape. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2ndEdition. Crandall, W., Parnell, J., and Spillane, J. (2009).The case study: The Melamine Milk Crisis in China1). The Sanlu case illustrates how a supplier can be the cause of a crisis for the affected organization. However, blaming the suppluer instead of taking responsibility is not an acceptable strategy in the eyes of the general public. Why do you think this is the case?2). This case also illustrates the problem a company like Foonterra can face when it’s partner with companies in other countries. Identify other examples of a partner company being drawn into a crisis as a result of the actions of another company.3). From a cultural perspective, it is important for students to know what happened to some of the executives involved in the scandal, because penalties for the Sanlu Group crisis were rather extreme by American standards. Conduct an Interest search and find out what happened to the executives and managers involved in this scandal.No wikipedia. All I need is 200 words

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