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The story that I am choosing for this assignment is by B Staples. I felt a connection in the narrative as an African American. I experience all types of people who are uncomfortable with my presence because of my skin color .The author communicates his point about being judged just by his looks and given this day and age several people have experienced. He states that he now whistles classical music to seem not as threatening but I really doubt people care because all they see is a stereotype.


These essays were great, with a few things which can be considered nit-picking. We very interesting stories with a strong story path and a great grabber to latch onto readers. Even though they are not so similar, I found it odd how all three stories had New York in it. The first one was my favorite, maybe it’s because the language used was descriptive and brought an imagine in my head. I can imagine the saucy feel of the pasta and his journeys and the beautiful scenery. I honestly feel the second story fell flat compared to the other text read this week. However, that story was pretty okay just not better then the other two in my opinion thanks to it being straight forward and I really couldn’t see the clear point of it. When talking about what work well it must be the imagine all three stories gave out, I fell that the first story was fine but with the second one I felt like the point of it didn’t really keep me interested and the last one didn’t make me feel like I was a African-American male living through his problems back then. One writing tech I could use it the use of textures, one example can be instead of touch how about textures of food. Just like how the pasta was soft and saucy against the tongue I could integrate that as my own style.

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