Comparing Global and U.S. Health Policy

Response Guidelines
Read the post below from my classmate and respond with a detailed, engaged, and critical thinking response along with two critical thinking questions in the response. Be specific about where you see positive potential and why. Identify any areas about which you are skeptical and explain why. This is an discussion assignment and the answer has to have a minimum of 150 words and one scholarly peer-reviewed citation and reference. Thank you.
Despite access to advanced healthcare facilities and treatment, the rate for maternal mortality in the U.S. has increased over the last several years (Creanga et al., 2014). This increase is attributed at least in part to pre-existing health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes (Castellucci, 2015). There also does not appear to be great consensus among obstetrical providers about the best management for chronic conditions that can affect pregnancy outcomes.
Because timely and quality prenatal care is positively associated with improved maternal and fetal outcomes, access to prenatal care is crucial. In the U.S. prenatal care is provided for mothers who meet income qualifications, however if a mother has other health conditions that are undiagnosed or untreated before pregnancy due to lack of health coverage, they are already at a disadvantage. Countries with government sponsored healthcare have not seen the same incidences of maternal mortality due to complications related to re-existing conditions that the states have.
There have been plenty of attempts and push back surrounding the implementation of a universal healthcare system in the U.S. Despite having the most expensive healthcare system in the world, our maternal/fetal outcomes lag far behind most other developed nations. Universal coverage would reduce administrative costs and prevent complications from untreated co-morbidities (Kumar, Ghildayal, & Shah, 2011). There would have to be a major philosophical and policy change in the U.S. to achieve universal healthcare coverage.

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