Community Assignment – Epidemiology Assignment

Turnitin Assignment!!! Please be aware that the percentage of plagiarism for this assignment is 35%.

1.  Go to and review the Healthy People 2020 initiative.  Pay close attention to the objectives, goals and the indicators.  

2.  Using your city or county public health department:  You can choose any of these two counties(Miami-Dade County, Florida, or Broward County, Florida) identify an epidemiological and surveillance data related to population based communicable illnesses.

Illnesses chosen:  

1. Tuberculosis

2. Hepatitis B

3. Gonorrhea

4.  Based on these chosen communicable illness prepare an analysis discussing how this 3-communicable illness affect your community, and how they were identified and a plan of action to contained them base on healthy people 2020.  

– Presentation must be in APA format. 

– Arial 12 font attach to the forum/thread in the assignment tab and turnitin with a minimum of 1000 words (excluding first and references page) 

– A minimum of 3 evidence based references no older than 5 years are required.  

– The assignment must include the zip code of the city or county chosen.    

Once again, the assignment will be posted in turnitin to verify originality!

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