Classroom Assessment System Summary

Resource: College of Education Resources

-Evaluate technology tools to use in the classroom for the purpose of formative assessment that accurately reflects your state standards by completing the chart provided.

– Research and select five different resources found in the College of Education Technology Resource Library. Please limit yourself to evaluate only one electronic device such as computers, tablets, smartphones, projectors, netbooks document cams, iPads, iPods, Mp3s, whiteboards, laptops, ARTs, Chromebooks, etc.

– Complete and submit the attached (Option A or Option B) Classroom Assessment System Technology Student Document. The Word document reflects the following assignment information:

  • Title of each Technology Resource
  • URL Address to each site
  • Assigned score for each resource (5 highest/excellent -1 lowest/poor)
  • Rationale for each score given to each technology resource listed
  1. Explain if the selected resource user friendly. User Friendly
  2. Explain if the selected resource offers a variety of assessment choices. Variety of assessment choices
  3. Explain if your selected resource grade level appropriate. (Include the grade you teach or the grade you plan to use the resource with.) Is it more appropriate for elementary or secondary, why? Grade level appropriate
  4. Explain if the selected resource allows for modifications of assignment and assessment. Modification of assignment and assessment
  5. Explain how does the selected technology resource connect to or support state standards. Connection to state or Common Core standards
  6. Explain how you would implement or use the selected resource in the classroom. Describes how you would utilize this during classroom implementation

Think why, what, and how. For example, why or how is it user friendly or what makes it user friendly. Please be detailed in your responses. You want your reader to be able to evaluate each tool based on the depth of the information you have submitted.

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