CJ110 Excelsior College Police Corruption Questions

This Activity will address Module Outcomes 1-4. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to:

  • MO1: Examine police corruption including the costs to the agency and community. (CO4 & CO5)
  • MO2: Explain the concept of police accountability. (CO2-5)
  • MO3: Discuss the internal and external mechanism of accountability role of citizen oversight committees, internal affairs, and professional standards units. (CO3-5)
  • MO4: Describe early intervention systems and the importance of establishing performance indicators for police officers. (CO4 & CO5)

Final Examination

This exam consists of 5 essay questions taken from Modules 1 thru 7.

Although there is no set word limit for your answers, it is required that you fully explain your responses.

Your responses to each question should be at least 250 words. Be sure to use APA format, and to support your responses with citations and references.

  1. Discuss the philosophy of “community-oriented policing” and list its characteristics. Also, discuss the community policing recommendations made by the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. If you were a Chief of Police, which recommendation would be your top priority? Explain why.
  2. Discuss the costs of police corruption. Identity the six different levels of corruption. Explain which theory you believe best explains why police corruption occurs, and provide a real-world example. If you were a Chief of Police, discuss steps that you would take to reduce the potential for corruption in your agency.
  3. The future of police research has expanded tenfold over the past 25 years. Discuss whether you think research has an impact on policy. Discuss the two most important findings made in the area of community policing.
  4. Discuss the role that police use of deadly force, unconscious bias, and stop & frisk has played in police-community relations problems, and loss of legitimacy. If you were the chief of police at an agency, what steps would you take to address these issues?
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