Choose your own microbial adventure

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Choose your own microbial adventure
Imagine yourself to be a microbial pathogen, tell us the reason for your choice, and describe in detail the structures you would like to have in order to live in the habitat of your choosing and the factors needed to cause infection of a specific organ in humans.

The Microbial Pathogen that I chose was Influenza. Particularly focusing on A and B influenza. Part of this choice was due to being home with Influenza B, while A along with B have been taking out most of my staff I work with at the hospital, my family and friends.
The Influenza viruses are always changing and evolving each year. Leaving those who create the vaccinations guessing as to which strand will be coming around. This year the vaccinations are at a 10% success rate for those who have received the vaccination. In my personal area everyone who has had the vaccination has also had the flu, A or B or both. Influenza from the microbial pathogen perspective is a successful viral infection that is always attacking each year and infecting many people. I like success. Thus the other reason why I chose the Influenza pathogen.
To be a successful Influenza microbe, You need to have the eight stranded viral RNA to be completely successful. All of the vRNA is necessary for complete infection and dominance in the human host cell. In the human host cell, I would need the N-acetylneuraminic acid because that is what I am attracted to and draw myself in and attach myself to. Once we merge I can open the pore to let the vRNA in to start taking over the host cell. Once I have taken over the nucleus in the cell I can start setting up my messengers that I want to send out and create an envelope that possesses receptor destroying properties so that healthy components cannot enter my now taken over cell. Then I can release the virus from my cell infecting those around me causing replication. Once I am in the respiratory tract I can break down the mucins in the respiratory secretions and have access to penetrate through the respiratory epithellium thus creating a further take over of the host, which also helps spread to other human host through cause of coughing and sneezing spreading the infection I have caused. I live up to four days on surfaces where it is warm and not frequently sanitized. Particularly phones and computers. Door handles are also a great way to spread myself. I would prefer humans that like to touch their facial orifices and not wash their hands regularly for proper spread of infection helping cause a pandemic or epidemic spread. Therefore I am able to infect the respiratory system and digestive system causing body aches, nausea, diarrhea, congestion, sometimes bloody mucus, sometimes sore throats. Eventually if uncaught before the first 48 hours I can run my course spreading further. If i make it 7 days without fully being discovered due to stubborn humans, I can cause pneumonia and bronchitis.

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