CHCECE009: Child Nursing Project – Approved Learning

CHCECE009:  Child Nursing Project – Approved Learning Framework – Child Care Assignment Help
Competency-based assessment is the process of gathering evidence to confirm that students can perform required skills and knowledge. To complete this unit of competency students are required to successfully demonstrate their skills and knowledge to effectively do the tasks as outlined in the elements and performance criteria. Rather than using a marking scale, competency-based assessment marks work ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’. PEAK Training Student Support staff are available to assist all students throughout the learning process.If the first submission of an assessment is deemed Not Yet Competent, opportunities to resubmission will be provided. To assist in gaining competency, students will receive detailed and clear guidance, with reference to relevant websites or reading materials. The Student Support Officers are also available to offer additional support if required.When the assessment is deemed Not Yet Competent, on the second submission (1 st re-submission), it will be forwarded to the PEAK Training office, where a Student Support Officer and/or PEAK Training Manager will review the overall competency and guidance prior to returning the assessment to the student.Students have a total of two attempts for re-submission. The third submission (2 nd re-submission) will incur a fee of $50.00 and if after three attempts of submitting the same assignment, the student is deemed Not Yet Competent, PEAK Training reserves the right to withdraw the student from the course.Notes regarding the assessment1. Students are required to keep a copy of their assessment2. Please note we will keep your assessment on file and it will not be returned to you unless it is marked ‘Not Yet Competent3. Please make sure that you fill in your name, date and attach the cover page to yourassessment.

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