Chapter Two: The Bronze Age in The Ancient Near East & Egypt History Reflection

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  • •• Instructions •••
  • 1- in 500-750 words, answer the pertinent question and explore the relevant topic. Defend any arguments you make using the source at hand.

    2- Be certain to let me know within the introduction the argument you intend to follow.

    3- Then, give evidence for your belief, analysis and interpretation of that evidence, and your conclusions.

  • ••Paper layout•••
  • 1- paper must be cited throughout.

    2- You should do this in Chicago Style (author, title of source, publication date, and page number if you can find one) or by footnote[1].

  • ••The Assignment•••
  • Read Mathisen’s account of Akhenaton (pp. 102-3) along the with the various views in The West in Question 2 (Section 3).

    Was Akhenaton a reformer and what does his reign show about Egyptian kingship?

    Text Book:

    Ralph Mathisen, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: From Prehistory to 640 CE, Oxford University Press


    Chicago style , 750 words

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