Chapter 8 Quiz1.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following is a

Chapter 8 Quiz1.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following is a disadvantage of the behavioral approaches to performance measurement?These approaches lack specificity.These approaches cannot link company goals to specific behaviors.These approaches tend to be unreliable.These approaches do not work as well for complex jobs.Their acceptance tends to be very low.2.value:1.00 pointsRaters often let their opinion of one quality color their opinion of others. When the bias is in an unfavorable direction, it is called the:halo error.central tendency.contrast error.strictness.horns error.3.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following is the final step in the performance management process?Developing employee goals and actions to achieve these outcomes.Providing consequences for achieving (or failing to achieve) performance outcomes.Providing employees with training, necessary resources and tools, and ongoing feedback between the employee and manager.Evaluating performance.Identifying what the company is trying to accomplish (its goals or objectives).4.value:1.00 pointsA drawback of electronic productivity monitoring systems is that:it generates privacy cannot effectively measure the productivity of blue-collar can cause huge errors in calculation and measurement.electronic processing of data is costlier and time is less effective in measuring productivity of transaction-based jobs.5.value:1.00 pointsIn the “tell-and-sell†approach, managers tell the employees their ratings and then:work together to solve performance problems.attempt to motivate employees.negotiate with employees.justify those ratings.let the employees explain their side of the story.6.value:1.00 pointsInformation that is not gathered in a performance appraisal but is relevant represents a _____ of the performance measure.contaminationviolationresistancebarrierdeficiency7.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following actions is appropriate to improve performance when a motivated employee lacks the necessary skills to perform a job?Demote the employee.Restructure the job.Terminate the employee.Provide positive feedback.Withhold pay increases.8.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following is used for improving the performance of an unmotivated employee?Withholding pay increases.Restructuring the job.Terminating the employee.Giving positive feedback.Coaching.9.value:1.00 pointsThe administrative purpose of a performance management system is fulfilled when it is used to accomplish:strategic objectives.effective decisions.competitive advantage.employee development.10.value:1.00 points_____ is a method of performance measurement that requires managers to rank employees in their group from the highest performer to the poorest performer.Mixed-standard scalesPaired-comparison methodSimple rankingForced-distributionGraphic rating scale11.value:1.00 pointsWhich of the following types of performance measurements are generally less subjective and highly acceptable to both managers and employees?Behavioral observationRating attributesMeasuring resultsComparisonRanking behaviors12.value:1.00 pointsThe _____ method of performance measurement assigns a certain percentage of employees to each category in a set of categories.graphic rating scalemixed-standard scalesforced-distributionpaired-comparisonsimple ranking13.value:1.00 pointsManagers who adopt the “_____†approach during feedback sessions tell employees their performance ratings and then let the employees explain their side of the story.listen-and-sellproblem-solvingsolve-and-listentell-and-selltell-and-listen14.value:1.00 points_____ is a plan for managing the behavior of employees through a formal system of feedback and reinforcement.Paired comparisonOrganizational behavior modificationMixed-standard scaleGraphic rating scaleForced-distribution method15.value:1.00 pointsIn which of the following jobs would it be inappropriate to use customer evaluations of employee performance?Bank tellerService representativeRelationship officerBack-end technicianSales representative

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