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Select one of the following topics for your project. and use the attached assignment to follow steps and rubric to create powerpoint presentation.use 7 steps of lipits theory.
have to implement change theory,swot, lippitts theory 1-7 changes on one of these topic down below.
1. You have been appointed to chair a hospital-wide committee to develop and implement a plan to reduce time from discharge order being written to patient being discharged in your facility. Your Chief Nursing Officer has provided you a summary report indicating a steady increase in patient wait times over the last six months. You will need to identify the various resources available for tracking wait times, establish a clear bench mark and design a specific plan of action for reversing this trend. It is essential to note in your development that research has shown nurse/physician communication and nurse/family communication to be key drivers in decreasing these incidents. These points should be a focus of your change initiative.
2. The prevention of hospital acquired infections is a key focus for health care organizations of late. Infections that occur have the potential to not only affect patient care outcomes, but can also have a high impact to the financial operations of the organization if intervention must occur or the infection results in an extended hospital stay. Develop a plan to reduce and/or eliminate hospital acquired infections in a particular patient population in the facility.
3. Violence in the workplace is a hot topic in nursing and healthcare. Taking into account risk factors such as understaffing, family member’s anxiety, and inadequate security, devise a plan for improvement for your facility; ensure you include staff education and ongoing monitoring.

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