Chain Analysis Chain Analysis, psychology homework help

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Interview a person outside of class and with the purpose of writing a Chain Analysis. Be sure to focus on the problem at hand and steps to take to resolve the problem. A sample will be provided in class which dictates the flow of the paper.

Please utilize the file included in week 6. Your paper must include all of these for full credit. If these are not included, you will not receive full credit.:

1. Describe the specific PROBLEM BEHAVIOR

  1. Describe the specific PRECIPITATING EVENT that started the whole chain of behavior.
  2. Describe in general VULNERABILITY FACTORS happening before the precipitating event.
  3. Describe in excruciating detail THE CHAIN OF EVENTS that led up to the problem behavior. Include 3 -must be different
  4. What are the CONSEQUENCES of this behavior? Be specific. Include 1 based on each “Chain of Events”
  5. Describe in detail different SOLUTIONS to the problem. (Include 2)
  6. Describe in detail the PREVENTION STRATEGY (Include 2)
  7. Describe what you are going to do to REPAIR important or significant consequences of the problem behavior. (Include 2)
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