Central Queensland University Forensic Psychology Offender Profiling Paper

Hello, I need help completing this assessment please find details of the assessment below and my teacher has given me the following outline and suggested Mad Bomber as profiled by James Brussel.

this is what i have so far

One of the first and most famous cases of modern era, Multiple bombs over two decades in New York Bomber sent letters

– 1957 profile by Dr James Brussel

– “Look for a heavy man. Middle-aged. Foreign born. Roman Catholic. Single. Lives with a brother or sister. When you find him, chances are he’ll be wearing a double-breasted suit, buttoned.”

your report, in its entirety, should be submitted on maximum of four A4 pages, comprising:

Page 1: Cover page (your name, names of your group members, your student id number, title of your report)

Pages 2-3: Answers to questions 1-4.

Page 4: References

APA style is required

Please see attached file for criteria sheet and full information.

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