case study analysis. I need answers to 4 specific questions

From this paper:
Sillet, T. Scott, et al (2004). Experimentally reducing neighbor density affects reproduction and behavior of a migratory songbird. Ecology 85(9):2467-2477.
I need help in answering these four questions:
1- According to the authors, why is this study unique and important? 2. Identify the hypothesis and predictions tested in this article. 3. What was the independent variable in this study? How was the independent variable manipulated? What were the dependent variables? 4. Choose one of the figures in the Results section (Figure 1, 2, or 3 on pages 2472-2473) and in your own words, explain the information conveyed by that figure.
Answers could be short paragraphs or couple of clear sentences in different words than the one used in the article. Academic level of words.

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