Capella University Banduras Bobo Doll Video Discussion

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  • The Video is Bandura’s Bobo doll
    • Share what conclusions you would make as a researcher after watching the video. What led you to those conclusions? How would you apply this in a real-life scenario?
    • Include a hashtag for the study, for example #harlowmonkey, #piaget, #bobodoll.
  • Find a video of an infant or toddler that exhibits typical behavior expected of that stage of development. Share a link to the video.
    • Share which development theories would explain the behaviors you see. What characteristics led you to the theory you identified? How might this information be valuable in providing guidance to a parent or teacher?
    • Include a hashtag for the theory, for example #erickson, #piaget.
  • Locate an article on development from prenatal to toddlerhood, either through the Capella library or online from a reputable source.
    • Share the link and describe how this article supports what you have learned in class so far. Make a connection between what you read and your personal experience with children at that stage of development. How does this information support your intended work in the field?
    • Include a hashtag for your article topic or the idea supported.
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