California Los Angeles Statement of Foundational Values Discussion

Part I: Statement of Foundational Values

In approximately 250-400 words, articulate your foundational ethical commitments. These commitments can be grounded in your theological views or grounded in some other fashion (example: secular human rights position). You may find it helpful to use the language/categories of the “Moral Foundations Questionnaire,” but you certainly do not need to do so.

In this section, identify and define the foundational ethical commitments that help you determine what action is appropriate in relation to the kind of issues we examined this semester. For some of you it may be helpful to reflect on the basis of those values – your parents, culture, church, etc. – but this is not required.

Confused? Essentially, you are explaining how you determine what is moral/right when examining ethical issues.

Still confused? Ask me.

Part II: Visual Depiction of Foundational Values

Create a visual that explains your foundational values and approach to ethics. Think of this as a visual cheat sheet. Something you could glance at or show someone else that summarizes your foundational values and approach to ethical decision making. This visual should show how you make decisions and which of your core values, if any, carry more weight than others.

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