C. what should you consider in terms of costs and benefits

C. what should you consider in terms of costs and benefits when determing the viability of a cooperative ventures.
D. what are two possible consequences of failing to consult with stakeholders about the findings of your research prior to development of the strategic plan.
E. explain why it is important to gather and collate the documentaion resulting from your reasearch before completing the startegic plan.
F. explain the feedback and endorsement process for a strategic plan.
G.identify three stakeholders you need to communicate your orgnaisations stegic plan to, and describe the method and content appropriate for each.
H. list the critical points you should consider when amending a strategic plan in response to change in the organisations envirnoments.
I. what syestem might you use to measure progress according to plan ?
J, identify the methods that can be used to review the effectivness of a staregic plan,
I, list three tools or techniques you would use to identify strategic planning improvements.
please answer all questions it is part of assignment and unit name is develope and implement startegic plan BSBMGT616

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